About Mali Losinj

All of us who have the privilege of living on the island of Losinj, maybe do not know the best way to describe everything that makes it one of the most attractive Croatian islands. We’re used to this daily beauties and therefore perhaps we notice it less.
To all of you who are coming for the first time, we will try to present it with a little help from your imagination. Therefore, imagine the following:

Imagine your ideal vacation on a calm, sunny island that is far enough from the usual city crowd, yet teeming with life, and it’s close enough to all major events. Imagine endlessly long walks along the coast framed by dense, fragrant pine forests and clear sea from which even dolphins will welcome you. Imagine a joyful summer murmur that spreads from the countless, sunny coves. Imagine the wealth of Mediterranean scents and flavors that are at your fingertips. At the end of the day, imagine the view from the top of the hill on numerous islets and reefs, whose mysterious and irresistible beauty you would wish to discover and know better, as soon as possible. Now draw a line under your fantasies, and you have at least a small part of what the island of Losinj can offer.

drugaThe city of Mali Losinj is located at the bottom of a deep and naturally protected harbor. The first settlement on the site of the today’s city was mentioned as far back as 1398, while goes through its golden age in the middle of the 19th century, primarily through strongly developed maritime and shipbuilding. Mali Losinj then had the most developed commercial fleet in the Adriatic Sea, and there were even 11 shipyards in the city and its surroundings! The mild climate throughout the year favors the rich vegetation, therefore, it is no wonder that the island hosts more than 1000 different plant species. In ancient times, the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy was the first one that discovered all the benefits of the Mediterranean climate, and its beneficial effects on human health. They declared Losinj a health resort and built numerous villas and cottages, which properly renovated, still decorate the city and the island.

A long-standing and successful touristic tradition goes further on with new hotels, that are regularly enhanced with new contents. In recent years, Losinj has further strengthened its offer of accommodation that will satisfy even the most demanding guests. Three luxury 5-star hotels on beautiful locations are newly built or fully renovated. Many other hotels on the island are also renewed and modernized. Equipped with wellness centers and heated sea water swimming pools, some of them are proudly wearing its 4 stars. If you want to experience Losinj through the more intimate atmosphere and closer relationships, you will find a large number of family apartments in private accommodation. Through spending time with friendly hosts you’ll learn more about island customs and traditions, also enjoying the traditional cuisine based on fresh seafood, aromatic herbs, and olive oil. A heaven for all the senses.

All who like active holidays and movement, on Losinj will come into their own. Trails and walkways that lead through the fragrant surroundings will guide you to hidden hamlets of long and exciting history. The underwater world full of caves and reefs will readily accept new inquisitive ones, but if you prefer sports activities on the sea surface, find pleasure in sailing, surfing, skiing and sports fishing. After an active day, pleasantly warm nights on the island of Losinj are ideal for your relaxation and fun. Taverns will welcome you with “live” music and good a capella songs, and in nightclubs, you can dance and have fun until late at night. In the wide variety of everyday cultural and entertainment events, you will certainly find something that fits you nicely.

prvaWant to know more about the history of the island, every museum and gallery will tell you an exciting story of Losinj’s people and events. Fritzi Palace holds a collection of works of art owned by families Piperata and Mihicic. Museum and Gallery Kula in Veli Losinj will take you back to the turbulent history of Losinj’s captains and their sailing ships. The rocky hills of Thematic lookout Providenca gives a breathtaking view – having islands of Losinj archipelago in the palm of your hand at sunset, is an unforgettable experience. Ancient Apoxiomen after 2000 years has undergone a second youth in the new museum, which offers a stunning audiovisual experience. Osor, a town-museum that is 4000 years old, is the largest cultural and historical monument on the island. Every corner witnesses the millennial history. Traditionally, in a gorgeous natural acoustics of the cathedral, which dates from the 15th century, is held Osor Music Evenings – classical music festival.

Whether you are more inclined to relaxation and loitering, or you are a fan of an active vacation, we believe you will also find something that suits you well in the richness of contents on our island. Travel agency Mediteran can ease the selection to a large extent and find the right accommodation for you and your family. Since 2007 we are in a business of renting accommodation in private apartments, rooms, hotels, and villas. In our agency, you can rent a bicycle or scooter, which is the best way to explore those most hidden landscapes of the island of Losinj. Thanks to our efforts during the last 10 years, we have also become a part of a successful and widely known story about the tourism on Losinj, of which we are proud.

Until your first visit, possibly Losinj will be just another in a series of summer episodes. However, once you are mesmerized by its Mediterranean charm, natural attractions, and friendly atmosphere, will soon become your story in sequels. This is well known to anyone who keeps coming back for decades, and who have chosen the island of Losinj for another home and the only final destination.

Let Mali Losinj becomes your jealously guarded oasis of harmony and beauty. Let Travel Agency Mediteran becomes your friend and partner who will take care of everything else.