Artatore and Ćunski

The village of Artatore is situated in a gentle, forested bay, well known for its fresh air and crystal clear blue sea. One of the most beautiful villages on the island first started settling in the late 70s of the 20th century, it is only 8 km away from the town of Mali Lošinj. During summer months almost every home in Artatore offers private accommodation in apartments and rooms. There are also several restaurants that offer high gastronomic quality where all kinds of guests will find something of their taste in food.

Due to its pleasant place in the bay, well protected from most types of winds, Artatore is popular among sailors but it has also become a favored place for nature lovers.

Ćunski is situated 8 km from Mali Lošinj. It developed on a hill, which was the site of one of many prehistoric hill forts on the island of Lošinj. Cultivating the fertile fields nearby, many settlers eked out a livelihood and so it grew and developed to its present-day borders.

Cultivating fields of wheat and vegetables as well as vineyards, the nearby hills were planted with olive trees, which, from year to year, yielded the precious olive oil.Apart from agriculture and fishing, in recent years tourism has started to develop and so in conjunction with the presentation and promotion of local authentic sites is the oil mill – TORAĆ – a place combining the past with the present. As part of its rich inheritance, the wish is to present and exhibit to tourists the reconstruction of TORAĆ – the only remaining old mill for olives (so-called «TORAĆ» in the local dialect) was built in 1897.

Apartments in Aratore and Ćunski
Casa Rustica

Casa Rustica

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100 m
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