14 ways of how to spend an active holiday on Lošinj

A vacation on Lošinj means enjoying yourself at one of the sunniest places in Europe. On average, the sun warms up this island of vitality as much as seven hours per day, which gives guests additional motivation to have an active holiday. For all of those who are interested in learning what they can do on Lošinj, we prepared a detailed list with the most important information.  

A speedboat ride while dolphin watching, a panoramic flight or a walk during spectacular sunsets – Lošinj will definitely delight all of your senses all year round.  
Whether you want to get back in shape or you are already in good shape, you will surely find an activity for yourself on our list and leave Lošinj stronger and well rested. We have prepared 14 ideas for an active holiday with the most important information:  

1. Walking, Nordic walking and running  
2. Scuba diving 
3. Panoramic flight and parachuting  
4. Cycling 
5. Surfing, water skiing, kayaking 
6. SUP yoga 
7. SUP 
8. Tennis 
9. Boat or speedboat excursions 
10. Sightseeing on a scooter 
11. Sport climbing 
12. Sailing 
13. Spearfishing 
14. Karting 

Now that you have seen everything that Lošinj has to offer for having an active holiday, down below you can look for more detailed information on what you are interested in:

1. Walking, Nordic walking and running 
Lošinj is known for more than 250 kilometres of trails intended for walking, running and biking. Book good quality bikes of various sizes on time and don’t forget to mention you need child bike seats if you have younger children. 

Footpaths are surrounded by aromatic herbs, sea, pine trees and beautiful landscapes and viewpoints, therefore, making every one of the mentioned routes special in its own way: 

- Ćunski footpath, 20 km, macadam/soil/gravel, for walking and cycling 
- Lošinj transversal, 10 km, asphalt/karst, for walking and cycling 
- Osoršćica, 25 km, karst/macadam, suitable for hiking 
- Punta Križa, 50 km, asphalt/macadam/soil, walking and cycling 
- Dolphin way, 20 km, macadam/ karst/concrete, for walking 
- The paths of Lošinj’s captains, 12 km, concrete/karst, walking and cycling 
- Promenade of Vitality, 7 km, concrete/soil, walking and cycling 

Apart from Lošinj’s sun and healing microclimate, the fact that walking every day for half an hour has been proven to reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer, cardiovascular diseases, depression and type 2 diabetes, might encourage you to exercise. 

But walking should be differentiated from a regular stroll. Namely, as the experts from the Orthopaedic clinic of the University Hospital Centre in Zagreb explained, the main principle is that walking should be done in accordance to the person’s stamina.

This means walking as fast as you can without getting winded. That kind of walking should last at least 30 minutes daily. If you do get winded, you should slow down the rhythm of your walk until your breathing regulates, and then you should again speed up your walk. 

In any case, the most important thing is to choose the path and trip that you can take on physically and with regards to time, and, of course, to follow the main safety rules.  
While you are enjoying your vacation on Lošinj and basking in the beauty of this island you can feel completely relaxed because on it (and on all of the islands of Cres-Lošinj archipelago) there are no poisonous snakes. 

Šetnja na otoku Lošinju   Nordic walking - Mediteran Lošinj

2. Scuba diving 
There are a few diving centres on Lošinj, most famous of them being:  
· Subseason (Mali Lošinj)  
· Benthos (Veli Lošinj) 
· Top Dive (in Čikat bay) 
These diving centres offer different programs, so if you would like to explore the underwater world of Lošinj during your vacation, you will surely find something suitable for yourself:  

· diving for children (ages 8 and older) 
· freediving 
· safety training 
· diving course 
· underwater archaeology  
· diving with masks and fins 
· speedboat excursions (possibility of personalized trips) 

For all divers and beginners who would yet like to dive into the depths of the sea with their scuba tanks, a unique underwater location called Historic Underwater Park was created in Čikat bay and it is definitely worth visiting.

The setup of the park consists of 11 different exhibits, placed in the depths ranging from five to 15 meters. The path to tour the park is 300 meters long, and among the exhibits, there are replicas of cannons from the 16th century, Venetian cannons, replicas of ancient amphoras and machine guns from World War II. The biggest attraction is the replica of the symbol of Mali Lošinj, an ancient bronze statue of an athlete Apoxyomenos from the 2nd or 1st century B.C.  

The park was made based on the idea that through the experience of diving, you can learn about the cultural heritage of Lošinj archipelago and the history of the island in a completely different way.  
You will also learn what to do if you ever find an archaeological specimen in your underwater adventures and how important it is to not bring home souvenirs from the bottom of the sea.  

Obviously, the submarine world of Lošinj hides many other attractive locations for diving. From underwater caves, reefs and abysses (A/N a place whose great depth gives it a slightly intimidating and mysterious feature; like a chasm), and you can get the best information at one of the local diving centres. 

And a lovely and valuable message from the diving centre Benthos: “Remember, real lovers of the underwater world leave behind nothing but bubbles!”  

Diving - Mediteran Lošinj   Diving - Mediteran Lošinj

3. Panoramic flight and parachuting 

If you are craving adrenaline, on Lošinj you can experience a panoramic flight by plane or tandem skydiving done from a height of 2.500 meters, with a free fall of 25 seconds. 

The jump is intended for everyone over 14 but underage children need to have parental permission. The price is less than 2.000,00 kuna. 
Usually, three people at most can participate in the panoramic flight and it only happens when the weather is nice, which, on Lošinj, is pretty often since it is one of the sunniest islands. 

Depending on the duration of the flight (15 to 30 minutes) and the number of people, the price ranges between 500 and 1000 kuna.

4. Cycling 
A mountain bike or an e-bike, a children’s bike or an extra child seat for the young ones – discovering Lošinj on two wheels and in your favourite company is a real treat.  
Kilometres and kilometres of trails with magnificent views and scents of Mediterranean herbs and pines will make any ride better and make the holiday on Lošinj unforgettable.  
Maps with marked routes are at your disposal so that you can adjust the tour according to your stamina and circumstances. Of course, you can always go on organized tours with licenced cycling guides.  

More information about bike rental can be found here.

5. Windsurfing, water skiing, kayaking 
Water sports are a favourite among guests, therefore, on Lošinj there is a large selection of them for experienced recreational athletes but also for those who want to try their hand at one of these sports, while different schools are provided for the children.  

 A couple of excellent locations are well-known for windsurfing and on some of them the winds are not too strong yet they blow during most of the day which is wonderful when you like being on the board.  

Water skiing is most popular in Mali Lošinj harbour. If you do not dare to stand on skis, this is the place where you can come and watch those who are somewhat braver (or crazier) while they are enjoying this sport. 

6. SUP yoga 
Apart from paddling on the SUP boards, on Lošinj you can also do a yoga lesson on them. SUP yoga for beginners activates deep torso muscles, it helps get rid of back ache, it gives elasticity back to the muscles and it teaches you how to breathe properly.  
If you are wondering what to wear for this kind of training, the answer is – whatever you feel comfortable in. Some wear a swimsuit during practice, some tights and a top or shorts and a t-shirt. 
For all other questions and for the reservation of your appointment feel free to contact us! And, of course, don’t forget to take pictures that will look great on social media. 

7. SUP 
A great way of spending an active day on Lošinj is definitely on a SUP board (SUP = stand up paddleboarding; A/N). Paddling on this wide and stable board gives you a completely new experience and a different perspective of the sea and the shore.  

You can also choose one of the different trips in smaller groups and the prices range between 30 to 50 euros per person. They usually last from two to three hours and there is big possibility that, during your tour, you will encounter playful dolphins that Lošinj is also famous for. 

We are happy that we can provide a great offer of excursions for you, so definitely contact us if you enjoy stand up paddleboarding.  
You can find out more about the excursions and other information at the club Active Lošinj, in Veli Lošinj, which has a great offer of SUP tours. 

8. Tennis 
Due to the mild climate, Lošinj is the ideal place for playing tennis all year round. There are several tennis courts on the island:

· In Veli Lošinj – At the entrance of Veli Lošinj there is tourist complex Punta, within which there is also a tennis centre with 13 separate, clay tennis courts. 

· Tennis Centre Sunčana uvala is a part of the tourist complex, located directly next to famous hotels Aurora and Vespera. It consists of 8 clay courses and two hard courts.

· In Čikat – Tennis Centre Čikat is surrounded by a pine forest and it consists of five clay courts which are in use during the whole year. You can sign up for tennis school in the Centre. Luxury hotels Bellevue and Alhambra, as well as Camp Čikat, are in close proximity of it.  

Once third tennis player in the world, tactical master and player who nowadays works with the best players in the world – Ivan Ljubičić, apart from spending his vacations on Lošinj, started a tennis academy there. His wish is for professional and recreational players to gather there and share with the students, not only sporting activities, but also how to defeat yourself, how to find inner focus and the strength to win. In short, how to gain mental power as well as physical fitness.

If you wish to work on yourself, with the help of outstanding professionals, look at everything Ljubičić Tennis Academy has to offer here. 

9. Boat or speedboat excursions 
You have a large selection of boats and speedboats for rent on Lošinj if, during your vacation, you decide to independently enjoy the Lošinj archipelago. Naturally, it is important to make a reservation beforehand for the vessel which meets your needs.   

The minimum age for drivers is 21 years, for all types of vessels, and you have to present a valid boat driving license together with a passport or an identity card. If you do not have a license, our agency can offer you an experienced and reliable skipper to make your trip completely carefree and relaxing.  
On one of the boat or speedboat excursions, or while you are paddling on a SUP board or in a kayak, there is a possibility that you will encounter playful dolphins. They mustn’t be disturbed because it affects their survival in the long term.  

It is prohibited by law to swim with dolphins as well as to feed them since they are protected animals. 

10. Sightseeing on a scooter 
Just like on any island during the summer, when everyone is on vacation, there are frequent traffic jams on Lošinj. Therefore, renting a scooter is a perfect solution for exploring the island.  
You can find several models of high-quality scooters at our agency, each of which is equipped with a storage box and two helmets. They are all registered for two people, they have basic insurance and the price includes unlimited kilometres. 

Depending on how many hours or, perhaps, days you want the scooter the prices range from 190 and 1800 kuna.  

11. Sport climbing 

On mountain Osoršćica, which spreads over Osor and Nerezine, there are 30 routes set up with the difficulty of 4c – 8 and the maximum length of 30m. 
Beginners have climbing instructors at their disposal and the necessary equipment for climbing can be rented at the mountain lodge which is 30 minutes away. Given that this is a demanding sport, because the climber tackles the rock by only using his arms and legs, it is extremely important to prepare well for climbing. 

12. Sailing 
If you would like to experience the beauty of sailing without the engine noise but with the power of the wind, you can go on a half-day or full-day boat trip on Lošinj accompanied by a skipper and you can learn the basic principles of sailing, rules of conduct while sailing and also experience how independent steering looks like.  

For example, the sailing boat Argonaut, which receives a maximum of eight passengers, offers day excursions as well as offering night sailing, during which, apart from enjoying in the unique experience, on your stay at Lošinj, you can also learn about the basics of astronomical navigation, lighthouses and the specifics of night sailing in general. 

13. Spearfishing 
The statue of a spear fisherman, that was installed on one of Mali Lošinj’s squares and was made by Vinko Matković, speaks volumes about how important fishing is to the local population.  
At the end of each year, there is a traditional New Year’s Cup in Spearfishing, when more than a hundred spear fishermen gather in the sea and everything ends with a big fishermen fest.  
It is also interesting that back in 1957, Mali Lošinj was the host city of the first World Championship in Spearfishing, after which it became an important spot for sport fishing. 

14. Karting 

Drivers in go-karts compete to see who will cross the karting speedway finish line faster. If you are a fan of adrenaline, this hits the jackpot! 
Fast driving in go-karts will give you an amazing experience of a true professional drive regardless of the fact that the track is not particularly long. Naturally, if you bring more company for racing, fun is guaranteed. 

The karting track in located in Mali Lošinj, on the parking lot in front of the kindergarden, and it is open from the 15th of June until 1st of September. 

A little bit of indulgence and laying on the beaches, a little bit of movement around the island – a combination which will make your holiday on Lošinj fantastic!